Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat (2kg bag)


This BC grown organic hard red spring wheat is planted in heathy organic soils in the spring and then harvested in the early fall.  This growing pattern helps contribute to the higher protein content of this grain.  The high protein content provides exceptional gluten development which contributes to excellent leavening for breads and baked goods.  The flour has a beautiful rich flavour with a long finish (like a fine wine) and a nice deep colour.  We’re delighted to offer this BC grown organic Hard Red Spring Wheat in both a whole grain and semi-whole grain version. 

 These incredible qualities make it an excellent choice for:

  • breads (yeast or sourdough)*
  • pizza dough
  • flatbreads
  • pretzels
  • crackers
  • cookies, muffins and cakes*
  • quick breads
  • pancakes, waffles and crêpes
  • pasta

*Choose the semi-whole grain version of this flour if you’re looking for a lighter dough structure and greater leavening (rise).  The semi-whole grain version can be mixed with the whole grain version of hard red spring wheat or other whole grain flours such as Rye, Spelt, Khorosan and Einkorn, so you can experience the amazing flavours that these other grains offer.