Organic Emmer (Ancient Grain) (2 kg bag)

We are pleased to be able to feature Saskatchewan grown organic Emmer grain (until BC grown Emmer grain becomes available - est. Fall 2022)

Emmer, with its beautiful mildly sweet and nutty flavour, is our most recent addition of organic grown ancient grains.  It completes our ancient grain family (the four primary ancient grains, oldest to youngest, are Einkorn, Emmer Spelt and Khorasan). 

Emmer dates back more than 8,000 years, and originally cultivated in the Fertile Crescent, North Africa, and Italy (where it is also known as Farro).  In Italy, Emmer flour is considered highly superior for pasta (i.e. durum wheats originate from Emmer).  Similar to the other ancient grains, Emmer has a simplified genetic makeup and is also highly soluble in water, making it easier to digest. 

Our whole grain Emmer flour is milled from BC grown organic Emmer grain, and brings a nutritious and wholesome flavour to wonderful products such as 

  • Fresh pasta
  • Artisan or European-style breads*
  • Cookies, scones, cakes, muffins and quick breads (e.g. banana loaf)
  • Pancakes, waffles and crêpes
  • Flatbreads and crackers

*For yeasted or sourdough leavened breads, it is recommended to blend our whole grain Emmer flour with the semi-whole grain Hard Red Spring wheat flour or the semi-whole grain Red Fife flour.  If you start with a 50:50 blend, it should give good results and can be adjusted up or down depending on your preferences.