Organic Rye (2kg bag)


Rye is a beautifully flavourful grain that is one of the pillars in European-style and artisan breads.  It’s unique amongst other grains in that it has a high fibre content in its endosperm as well as in its bran.  In addition to providing wonderful flavour, this makes it a great choice making products with a lower glycemic index.   Rye is also an “unsung hero” that greatly contributes to soil health.  It is used as an important cover crop that withstands poor soil conditions and helps rebuild soils. 

Our whole grain Rye flour is milled from BC grown organic Rye, and provides fantastic flavour and nutrition in baking such as:

  • Artisan and European-style breads*
  • Pretzels, bagels*
  • Flat breads and crackers
  • Cookies, muffins and quick breads

*For yeasted or sourdough leavened breads, it is recommended to blend our whole grain Rye flour with the semi-whole grain Hard Red Spring wheat flour or the semi-whole grain Red Fife flour.  If you start with a 50:50 blend, it should give good results and can be adjusted up or down depending on your preferences.