Organic Red Fife Wheat (Heritage Grain) (2kg bag)


Red Fife wheat has become very popular for its incredible flavour and baking properties, but also for the philosophy of heritage grains that it strongly represents. Red Fife wheat is a heritage grain that has literally remained “true to its roots”.  Red Fife wheat is believed to be related to Halychanka wheat (a Ukrainian heritage wheat).  It has been passionately resurrected from only a few seeds of grain that were brought from Scotland to Canada by David Fife in 1842. Given its unique properties, and how well it was suited to the Canadian climate, it is the genetic parent of virtually all Canadian prairie wheats, but has not undergone any hybridization itself.

Our BC grown organic Red Fife flour has a wonderfully complex flavour.  It is a fantastic bread flour as its properties allow the breads to form a nice cohesive and moist crumb.  We’re pleased to offer our organic Red Fife flour in both a whole grain and semi-whole grain version.   

Similar to the Hard Red Spring wheat, Red Fife wheat is very versatile and is an excellent flour for: 

  • breads (yeast or sourdough)*
  • pizza dough
  • flatbreads
  • pretzels
  • crackers
  • cookies, muffins and cakes*
  • quick breads
  • pancakes, waffles and crêpes
  • pasta

*choose the semi-whole grain flour if you’re looking for a lighter dough structure and greater leavening (rise).  It can be mixed with the whole grain version of Red Fife wheat or other whole grain flours such as Rye, Spelt, Khorosan and Einkorn, so you can experience the amazing flavours that these other grains offer.

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