Organic Spelt Wheat (Ancient Grain) (2kg bag)


Spelt is one of the incredible ancient grains that has been used in baking for thousands of years.  It has a simple genetic structure that hasn’t changed. Spelt originates from Southern Europe but is now grown all over the world, including British Columbia where our organic Spelt grains are grown.  It has become very popular as it has a beautifully smooth, full nutty flavour as well as superior nutrition and digestibility properties.  

Our whole grain Spelt flour is milled from BC grown organic Spelt grain, and is wonderful for incorporating amazing flavours into a wide variety of products such as:

  • Artisan yeast or sourdough breads*
  • Pizza and flat breads*
  • Bagels and pretzels*
  • Pancakes, waffles and crêpes
  • Cookies, cakes and quick breads
  • Pasta

 *As Spelt is a lower gluten forming grain, for yeasted or sourdough leavened doughs, it is recommended to blend our whole grain Spelt flour with the semi-whole grain Hard Red Spring wheat flour or the semi-whole grain Red Fife flour.  If you start with a 50:50 blend, it should give good results and can be adjusted up or down depending on your preferences.